Driver Responsibility Assessments

If you are convicted of a New York drunk driving charge, such as an Aggravated DWI, DWAID (driving while ability impaired by drugs), or a DWAI, in addition to any Court mandated fines, fees, penalties and surcharges, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) taxes all motorists $750.00 for this conviction. The Driver Responsibility Program was instituted in November of 2004 with the stated purpose of preventing repeated DWI’s or traffic infractions.

The assessment is $750.00 and will also be imposed for a refusal to take a chemical test such as a breathalyzer, including for boats and snowmobiles. The fine can be paid in one installment or in three annual payments of $250.00.

There is also an assessment if the motorist gets 6 or more points on his or her license within a 18 month period. In those cases, the assessment is $300.00, with payment all at once or in annual payments of $100.00. Each additional point within the 18 month period adds on $75.00 for the three years.

Driver responsibility assessments are imposed on all drivers in the state of New York, regardless if they have a New York driver’s license. Failure to pay the assessment will result in a suspension of the motorist’s driver license, learner’s permit or driving privileges for out of state drivers.

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