Former NBA Player Rose Charged In Michigan DWI

Former NBA and Michigan University basketball star Jalen Rose has been charged with driving while intoxicated in Detroit, Michigan. The charges stem from an incident on March 11, 2011 when Rose’s car slid off a roadway and crashed in Detroit. When police officers investigated the one car accident, Rose was asked, but refused, to take a breathalyzer. However, Rose agreed to take a blood test believing that his blood alcohol content (BAC) would not show that he was intoxicated.

Apparently, the results of the blood test have indicated that Rose was driving with a BAC above the legal limit. Similar to New York State, the legal limit for intoxication in Michigan is 0.08 percent or above. In New York, if a motorist is found to be operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.18 or above, he or she is charged with an aggravated DWI under section 1192 (2)(a) of the Vehicle & Traffic Law of the State of New York.

Rose is due back in Court on April 20, 2011. If he were to be convicted of a DWI in New York, he would be facing a 6 month revocation of his driver’s license, fines and surcharge of approximately $900, the requirement to install an ignition interlock device in his vehicle for one year, be screened for substance abuse, the necessity to attend a MADD Vitim Impact Panel, and a 7 week course at the conclusion of his case known as the DDP or Drinking Driver Program.

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