New Ignition Interlock Law Now In Effect–Part 2

Last week, we posted on initial blog regarding the new ignition interlock requirements pursuant to Leandra’s Law, which went into effect on August 15, 2010. This article will discuss additional requirements and elements of the law. When you are sentenced to either a misdemeanor DWI or New York felony DWI, you must have the ignition interlock device (IID) installed within 10 days of your sentence. Once the IID is installed, you must report the installation within three days to the Court.

When you are ordered to install an IID, the Court will require that any vehicle you have access to (own or operate) has the device installed. Your conditional driver’s license, if you are eligible for one, will note that you are required to have an IID in your car. Thus, if you attempt to rent a car, the rental car facility must only rent you a vehicle equipped with an IID. If they do not do so, both you and the rental car ownership can be subject to a potential misdemeanor charge.

The device must be serviced on regular intervals as directed by the probation department, in order for information to be downloaded and provided to the sentencing Court, District Attorney’s office and county probation department. If you have one or more missed or failed start up tests or one or more failed or missed rolling tests, this can be the basis for re-sentencing by the Court. If you or someone else attempts to tamper with the device, disable the device, or if you have someone else blow for you, this can lead to a misdemeanor charge.

There is also a “lockout mode”, which is triggered if you fail or miss a start up test, re-test or fail or miss a rolling test or re-test. If you do not re-take the test and pass it within 5 days the car will go into lockout mode. When this happens, the only way the vehicle can be started again is to take it back to the installer and have the device reset.

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