New York DWI–What Is A Conditional Driver’s License?

When convicted of a New York drunk driving charge such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), one of the most important issues for a client is maintaining their driving privileges to keep their jobs and limit disruption of their lifestyle. After you have either pled guilty or been convicted of a New York DWI or DWAI, if you have not had a drunk driving charge within the last five years (the 5 years is measured between your last conviction and the recent arrest), you should be eligible to obtain your conditional license by attending what is known as the “DDP” or Drinking Driver Program.

We have written about the DDP in a recent post entitled “New York DWI Terms-Part 2”. If you successfully complete the 7 week DDP, you will receive your conditional license, which permits you to drive:

1. To and from work;
2. To and from an accredited educational institution;
3. To and from any treatment programs, either DDP or other treatment mandated by the Court or DDP;
4. To and from day care or other facilities taking care of your children;

5. To and from medical or emergency treatment for you or your family members.

The conditional license will continue until you are eligible to get your license reinstated from either the DWI revocation or DWAI suspension, unless you do not meet the conditions of your sentence, in which case your conditional license can be terminated.

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