Putnam County DWI Arrests On The Rise

Arrests for Putnam County DWI’s have increased by a stunning 35% in 2008, and Putnam’s lead prosecutor, District Attorney Adam Levy has stated he is ready to take action. There were 633 Putnam County drunk driving arrests in 2008, up from 469 in 2007, and 414 in 2006. In contrast, Westchester County DWI arrests have increased to a smaller extent over the last three years–the increase between 2006 and 2007 was from 2,515 to 2,650. (Numbers for 2008 were not available). In Rockland County, DWI arrests actually decreased from 1,215 in 2007 to 1,082 in 2008.

Mr. Levy has proposed an alcohol awareness program for first time DWI offenders arrested in cases where there has been no personal injury or property damage. The program would involve 35 hours of community service and attendance at a three hour class which costs $250 to attend. The money Putnam receives from course attendees would assist in paying the rising costs of DWI detection and prosecution, according to Levy. Out of state drivers arrested for New York drunk driving would have to take the course and perform the community service in Putnam County. One group that might object to the program would be New York State and alcohol treatment counselors, who would lose many of their clients to the County sponsored program. The proposal will be submitted to the Putnam County Legislature’s Health Committee on March 17.

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